Are you a millennial webpreneur or a veteran business person seeking to make money? Well, the modern business arena’s profitability relies on several things. The first element is transforming the customers meeting point into an independent store. This means that the customer can process their orders and payment while continuing with their usual luxuries. For instance, the customer can chat with their peers on Facebook while placing an order.

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In a simple language, this practice is known as multichannel retailing. However, while it is true that selling on multiple channels is the secret to business success in the 21st era, not all so-called selling channels or online marketplaces are worth it. To help you make conscious and better investment decisions, here are the top three most profitable online markets for a multichannel retailer:

Google shopping

Well, like other people, you know Google as the largest search engine where you can find any information you want. To cater for online shoppers, Google launched a dedicated shopping search engine known as Google Shopping. Here, the customers can search for their preferred product. Also, unlike regular searches, there are no organic results on this platform. As a seller, you only need to pay for the ads and strictly follow the listing rules. By this, you will have an opportunity to make a sale as Google shopping receives over 90 billion searches per month where 35% of the visitors proceed on to make a purchase.


If you leave the word eBay, your online selling history is incomplete. eBay is the pioneer online marketplace which focuses mainly on auctions. The platform brings both buyers and sellers and offers them an opportunity to reach a deal.  Considering its market potential, eBay has more than 167 million active users spread of over 190+ markets as well as over 30 countries local marketplaces. With this information, you can confirm that using it as one of your multichannel retailing platforms can be a worthy idea. Notably, there are limited entry barriers to start selling on this platform. You are supposed to abide by the rules and not sell illegal goods.

Facebook Marketplaces

On mentioning Facebook, the idea that comes to your mind is a place for sharing rumors and spreading propaganda or fake stories. Or else, a socializing space. However, Facebook has been evolving and becoming a profitable multichannel retailing platform. Today, you have an opportunity to create an online store and promote your products on Facebook groups, pages or through the Facebook ads.

So, if you want to succeed, focusing on these three online marketplaces is a good idea.

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